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Wotofo Recurve RDA

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Wotofo Recurve RDA 

What is the Wotofo Recurve RDA ?

The Wotofo Recurve RDA is an innovation compared to the existing straight sleeve design on all RDAs.

The Wotofo Recurve RDA takes its name from its curvy outer design – in fact, even its two 810 drip tips are curvy. One could even say that the build deck’s half pipe shape is loyal to the name. 

The sleeve of this RDA curves like a recurve bow implying energy and efficiency. It is 24mm in diameter and features side & bottom airflow hitting on postless coil installations to give a sensational flavor burst.

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Wotofo Recurve RDA's Build Deck 

The Wotofo Recurve RDA has a postless deck that will easily fit large coils. It is shaped like a half-pipe and seems to be sand-blasted. Wotofo offers two very useful coil tools which will help with measuring the length of the coil legs. I’d advise using them, at least for the first couple of builds. After that, you will know more or less where to cut the legs.

Building the Wotofo Recurve RDA is easy as 1-2-3. Insert your coil legs in two of the four holes on the deck, secure them with the Philips/flat head screws and that’s it for coil placement.

Cotton can then be stuffed in the two large wicking ports, one on each side of the deck. Everything falls into place. As you might have noticed, I am a fan of the Wotofo's Recurve’s build deck as well. It is clean and intuitive.

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