Twisted Kanthal Wire - Type
Twisted Kanthal Wire - Type

Twisted Kanthal Wire - Type

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The wire is embedded in the soul of the vaping community. Many UK vapers still build a Kanthal coil for their atomisers and we have a reputation within the vaping community for delivering the excellent quality Kanthal wire and outstanding levels of service.

A1 wire is more stable at higher temperatures than cheaper Kanthal wire alternatives; something to bear in mind, especially if you plan on building low resistance coils. We are proud that the site is full of excellent reviews from our customers who can tell the difference between our high quality product and the alternatives.

Most UK Kanthal wire buyers now search for it by referencing the AWG gauge. The American Wire Gauge is calculated from the wire’s cross-section, which we also cite in millimetres. For every six places on the AWG scale, the cross-section is halved (or doubled). For example, Kanthal AWG 24 is around double the width of Kanthal AWG 30. The wider the wire the lower its resistance – and therefore the lower the resistance of the coil (for equal turns). When looking for wire, often you might hear someone referring to 26 gauge Kanthal, this is the same as calling it Kanthal AWG 26.

We currently supply Kanthal wire in the following sizes: Kanthal 34/35g, Kanthal 32g, Kanthal 30g, Kanthal 29g, Kanthal 28/29g, Kanthal 28g, Kanthal 27g, Kanthal 26g, Kanthal 24g and Kanthal 22/23g.

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