Pulse BF Wraps
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Pulse BF Wraps

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Pulse BF Wraps

Pulse BF Wraps by vandy vape 

Pulse BF wraps are Authentic Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod Wraps (Stickers) made of PVC material, Furthermore this supports multiple time applications without residue, Environmental friendly, non-toxic, imported 3M Glue.

Brand: Vandyvape
Unit: 1 set
Size: 120mm*129mm*0.2mm

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Pulse BF Parameters:

Weight: 13g

Size: 120mm*90mm*2mm

The Pulse BF Wraps Include:

2x Wrap Stickers (1x Back Side, 1x Front Side)

How do I apply the Pulse BF Wraps ? 

Step 1 - Clean your hands thoroughly and then
Step 2 - You will Clean your device with the alcohol wipe and dry with a lint free cloth you will then
Step 3 - Line your Pulse BF wrap with the cut-outs for the screen and buttons slowly massage around the device the next thing to do is
Step 4 - Use a hairdryer/Heat gun and heat the vinyl until warm and rub all over and then
Step 5 - Allow the vinyl to cool applying pressure on tight curves. 

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