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Fantasi Grape 65ml E-Liquid

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Fantasi Grape 65ml E-Liquid

What is Fantasi Grape ? 

Fantasi Grape is inspired by the famous Fanta Grape fizzy drink. Ultra delicious grape soda.

Fantasi Grape is the most popular flavour in the entire Fantasi series of products. Ultra delicious grape soda with low mint. Trending in many countries worldwide!

Additional info on Fantasi Grape 

Take a leading grape-flavoured soft drink, turn it into a perfect sweet, fruity vape and you have Fantasi Grape ! 

  • Fantasi Grape is Available in: 1 x 65ML Bottle with 50ml of e liquid (Zero Nicotine)
  • Please Note: Adding 1 x Nicotine Booster (18mg) to this Fantasi Grape and shaking it will make this e liquid into approximately 3mg Nicotine Strength
  • VG 70% / PG 30%

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