Dragon Scale Copper V3 Rig

Dragon Scale Copper V3 Rig

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The Dragon Scale Copper V3 Rig has a beautiful golden dragon scale print across it and is made from the highest grade copper available. If you believe you have the most unique rig available, then think again.

This stunning piece of equipment was designed for those who don’t just like vaping, but for those who live for vaping.

Dragon Scale Copper V3

The Dragon Scale Copper V3 Rig is one of the most unique on the market. Highly sought after and extremely limited in numbers, we have a product which everyone wants. This product will not last long and for good reason, its so beautifully designed and unique to any other rig. Having one of these rigs on your e-cig gives people the impression you take vaping seriously. With its stunning dragon scale design and the iconic rig stamped on the front, why wouldn't you want this piece of equipment?


Dragon Scale Copper V3 rig

Built from the highest grade of copper and sprayed with a jaw-dropping dragon scale print, do not hesitate to jump on this deal today!

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