Clown Laffy by Bad Drip
Clown Laffy E Liquid
Clown Laffy E Liquid
Clown E Liquids

Clown Laffy 60ml shortfill

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Clown Laffy 60ml

What is clown laffy E Liquid by bad drip ? 

The chewy delightful clown laffy E Liquid will definitely bring back some memories ! Clown Laffy contains Not quite a sweet, and also not quite a caramel toffee  but somewhere in-between.  Clown Laffy E Liquid is making a comeback with CLOWN LAFFY a smooth blend of taffy and grape juice for your enjoyment.

Clown Laffy by Clown Premium Liquids is your favorite sticky, icky, stringy blueberry taffy strands, doused with gooey grape rubber chicken blood ! 

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Who are the creators of Clown Laffy E Liquids ?

From the makers of the Bad Drip range, we present Clown eLiquids ! Clown Laffy was born from a desire to create some weird and tantalising vapes using a lovely clown theme.

Rather than nice, friendly clowns, instead these are the warped and twisted clowns you'll find in the depths of a nightmare, or a Stephen King novel!

Flavour Profile of the Clown Laffy E-Juice

Clown Laffy is made up from blueberry taffy and grape juice with a hint of menthol providing a breath of fresh air and a hint of freshness to a sweet treat.

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What are the VG PG Combinations of clown laffy e liquid ?

Clown Laffy E Liquids has a combination of 80/20 (VG/PG) for a smooth vaping sensation.

Brand: Clown Liquids
Bottle Size: 60ml
PG/VG: 20% PG/80% VG
Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
Key Flavours: Blueberry, Grape, Taffy

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