Bad Drips Farleys Gnarly Sauce
Bad Drips Farleys Gnarly Sauce 60ml
Farleys Gnarly Sauce 60ml
Bad Drip

Bad Drips Farley’s Gnarly Sauce 60ml Short fill

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Bad Drip's Farley’s Gnarly sauce

What is Bad Drips Farleys Gnarly Sauce ?

Bad Drip's Farleys Gnarly Sauce is a combination of Strawberries and Kiwi Fruit, with a small hint of bubblegum!

Based off the recipe older than Bob Ross's paintbrush, moreover Bad Drips Farley's Gnarly Sauce by is a tangy kiwi. In addition Farley's Gnarlys sauce is one of our best tasting liquids!

You will receie a 60ml bottle filled with 50ml nicotine free Farley’s Gnarley Sauce eliquid. You also have the option to purchase it along with 1 x 10ml bottle of Nicotine.

Mixing the Nicotine shot bottle into the 60ml eliquid will make your Farley’s Gnarley Sauce eliquid 3mg, negating the need to purchase the 10ml pre-mixed bottles.

Important Notice: Nicotine shots are not to be used on their own. Only to be mixed with Bad Drips Farleys Gnarly Sauce!  

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What Flavour Does Farleys Gnarly Sauce Contain ? 

  • Flavour of Farleys - Kiwi, Strawberry, Bubblegum
  • VG/PG: 75/25
  • Size: 50ml in a 60ml bottle


How do I apply the Nicotine Shots to Farleys Gnarly Sauce  ? 

Farleys Gnarly Sauce is supplied in a 60ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid and a separate optional 10ml 18mg/ml Nicotine Shot which is available via the drop down box. To make 3mg/ml Bad Drip, add Nic Shot to the Bad Drip bottle and then shake thoroughly.

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Nic Shot must not be vaped separately without Bad Drip as the Nic Shot liquid is a pure unflavoured concentrate.


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