What is an RDA,Dripper?

Unlike a typical tank an RDA has a very small well and this allows you to drip a little amount of juice but the beauty is that you can quickly vape that juice off and swap to an entirely different flavour if you wish.

RDA’s are designed to maximise flavour and many will also produce massive amounts of clouds.

Some RDA’s require dual coil builds meaning you must create two identical coils while others may only require a single coil or lastly offer you a choice between using both types of build.

This means that some RDA’s can be easier to build than others. It is important when you first start to pick a dripper that can be built with a single coil because building duals does require additional knowledge and a little experience.

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What RDA'S do we recommend ? 


Model 41 RDAThe Model 41 RDA by Rig Mod World Wide. The newest creation to the Rig Mod Collection. The Next innovation in RDA's. Effortless building is real!

Goon RDA'SThe Goon RDA is a collaboration designed by coil architect Blue Eyed Goon & 528 Custom Vapes. 


Check them out below -