V2 Rig Tungsten Kryptek + Skull Camo

V2 Rig Tungsten Kryptek + Skull Camo

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The Dragon Scale Copper V3 Rig has a beautiful golden dragon scale print across it and is made from the highest grade copper available. If you believe you have the most unique rig available, then think again.

This stunning piece of equipment was designed for those who don’t just like vaping, but for those who live for vaping.

V2 Rig Tungsten Kryptek + Skull Camo

Introducing the Rig Mod Version 2. Don’t let it's size fool you, the Rig Version 2 may have dropped down a weight class but its still packing the same punch. Still a hefty 25mm in diameter and standing in at 87.3 mm tall. It's smaller size and lighter throw make it the perfect size for just about anyone. Copper hybrid disk, copper bottom contact and copper button engraved with our AMERICAN MADE liberty bell for maximum conductivity. VAM have also beefed up the button housing to guard against drops. These heavy hitting mods are available in stainless steel, brass, copper and are laser engraved with the signature oil rig.

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