Madland Copper V3 Rig

Madland Copper V3 Rig

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The Madland Copper V3 Rig is small in size but big in performance. This beautiful rig has the iconic rig stamp and features the unique madland design. Made from the highest grade copper available. Don’t miss out on this great product!

This isn’t the biggest most powerful rig out there but don’t mistake its size for weakness. Remember, good things come in small packages!

The Madland Copper V3 Rig is just one of the many designs from American Made Products. This madland design is as mad as it sounds, the funky print features a golden wave and the classic copper rig logo on the front. Having this piece of equipment not only boasts the beauty of your e-cig, but massively improves the performance!

This rig is rather small in comparison to other e-cig rigs, but remember, good things come in small packages!


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