Candy King E Liquid

Candy King E Liquid


 Who are Candy King ? 

Candy King are an American e liquid company who are well-known around the globe as being producers of premium e juice that outrank many others. This is no throw-together operation, far from it!

Candy King is a selection of five of your favourite candy flavours, perfectly recreated to give you the best vape experience possible!

Each flavour is now accompanied with an Ice version, providing with you a cool candy sensation. Manufactured by Drip More, a Los Angeles based e liquids company.

Whats so great about candy kings new flavour ? 

Candy King are committed to researching new and innovative production methods as well as ensuring that each and every flavour they release offers vapers a unique and quite frankly awesome vaping experience with each and every draw. If you like your sweet treats and your vapours infused with taste bug tickling goodness, Candy King is where it’s at!

Candy King are among of the top selling premium e-liquid lines by Dripmore. Candy King has an every growing line of delectable vape juice flavors like Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Sour Worms, Catch, Swedish, Strawberry Belts, Peachy Rings, Pink Squares and Lemon Drops. 

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Most Popular Candy King Flavours - 


Batchit’s sour, then it’s sweet. Candy King Batch offers a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime with the tartness of blue raspberries, oranges, and sweet cherries. 

Swedish Fish - Swedish E Liquid by Candy King is like when you chew your favorite red fish-shaped candy. Candy King Swedish contains nautical breezes of strawberry flavor with every hit!


We also have other brands available on our website which have a similar flavour to the candy king e liquids such as Candy Corner